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Photography Posts That May Interest You

New Stuff

Determine your flash's REAL guide number
Some Sunpak 555 flash observations
Another 10 steps for night shots
CA & PF Color Fringe Reducer version 5.0 for Paint Shop Pro 8 now available!
CA & PF Color Fringe Reducer version 5.0 for Photoshop now available!
F828 Observations
Histogram Analysis


BFS and LEVBFS what is it
Black & White Conversion with Photoshop Elements
Calculating moon exposure
Challenge Rules Template.
Color cast removal and brightening with levels
Correcting BFS photos - A YouWish Request
Dark Angel name origin
DOF examples
Extension for Sony cable release
F707 - internal flash - macro - defuser
F707 Gallery List
F707 Nodal Point
F707 PDF Manual
F707 pincushion distortion. Correcting
F707 Problems
F717 Observations
F717 and low light focusing
F717 laser assist operation
F717 zoom indicator chart
Framing Mats and Frames
Getting good color
Getting incredible sharpness with the F707
Gray card White paper Confused!
Hotshoe adapter
Jpegs on my DVD
LCD screen protector
Levels adjusting to improve brightness
Macro focus target
My simple portrait setup...
Noise - Creating what most want to eliminate
Night shots in 10 easy steps
Ofoto cropping sizes
Ofoto print editing
Optical defects
Photo techniques for good photos
Posting photos to STF
Purple fringe fix version 4 using Photoshop
Purple fringe fix using PSE
RM-DR1 Remote extension
Ron Parr's FAQ
Rotating mpg video
rule of thirds
Selling your photos
Sepia conversions
SFishy F1000 FlashFix (LOL)
Sharpening test results -2 to +2
Shaytech exposure disk
Shaytech flash enhancer
Shaytech focus target
Shaytech moon exposure calculator
Shutter & Aperature Priorites, Manual Focus
Slide shows with Irfanview
Spot meter, EV, exposures, and the zone system
Stacking 101
White balance - A how to
White balance target
Wide Angle Shoot-Out!