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Storyboard Magazine

This Storyboard Magazine features a 10"x10" graphically designed glossy soft cover, and printed pages displaying each image in your storyboard an ample 2"x3" size. With it's corresponding frame numbers, it's the perfect on-the-go guide to your printable CD.

Graphistudio Coffee Table Books

GraphiStudio offers the perfect match of progressive style and unsurpassed quality for Shay's storytelling imagery, due in part to the fact that each GraphiStudio book is graphically designed and hand crafted in Italy, using a patented seamless binding system that allows the books to not only to lay flat, but also allows one large image to span two full pages with no seam for a powerful cinematic effect. GraphiStudio has established themselves the world over as wedding book leaders.

Experience the finest coffee table books in the world filled with the most exquisite and meaningful images of your wedding!

Print sets

Shay cares about the quality of images that leave his loft. Therefor his "proofs" are called "print sets" and are color and brightness corrected 4"x6" unbound sets of every image in your storyboard ready for display.

Photo enlargements

Printing great looking photos can be tricky. When you don't want to do it yourself from the printable CD-ROM, you can order prints from Shay. Anything from wallet size to large mounted prints (11x14 and up) are available to order from the online proof gallery.

Personalized Post Cards

Shay's Signature coverage includes 100 custom designed, two sided post cards for "Save the Date", or "Thank You" cards. Simply select your favorite engagement or wedding images, and Shay will graphically design a unique post card with your personal message. White envelopes optional.

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