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STARTREK.COMThe Official Star Trek Web Site!


ADO Reference

Open Method (ADO Recordset)

asp printing ASP Variables for Print Web Pages
FAQTS - Knowledge Base - View Entry - How to print a window with JavaScript
JavaScript Tutorials Print Current Window - Web-Wise-Wizard
print Method

listing tables

15 Seconds FAQ Displaying Tables in a Database
4GuysFromRolla.com - Listing the Tables and Columns in a Database
4GuysFromRolla.com - Listing the Tables in an Access MDB Database Using ASP
AAA ASPWatch Universal Database Management in ASP
Listing tables in a database


Fundamental Microsoft Jet SQL for Access 2000
TechNet Top Questions - May 18, 2000

MS Access 2000

Comparison of data types between a Microsoft Access database and a Microsoft Access project
Field data types available in Microsoft Access
Q224529 - ACC2000 Data Types Change Importing from ADP to MDB and Back
SWYNK.COM Data Structure Differences between Access and SQL Server

ASP Today
Maximize Your ASP Performance - The Web Developer's Journal
Web Workshop - Printing with ASP & WSH
making a table


A Webmaster Resource Guide Web-Authoring.com
Area Code to Zip Code Input page
Cisco Career Certifications
Domain Lookup Tools
Happy Puppy - It's all games
Internet Connection Speed Test
Internet Tools Summary
Microsoft Certified Professional Web site
Microsoft TechNet - Home Page
Microsoft TechNet - Subscriber Services
Microsoft TechNet Events
Microsoft's Homepage
Microsoft� FrontPage� Web Administrators
Ping Gateway
rfc1700 - Assigned Numbers
Spammer ip search - is this ip a known spammer
Tweak Files
VisualRoute Server Site Fremont, CA USA
WHOIS Lookup
The Public DNS Service
Free DNS service - Easy, web-based domain manager - ZoneEdit.com
Spam Motel
DShield. - Distributed Intrusion Detection System



Trend Watch


WAV Sound Files and Links.
Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus
bush gore phone calls


walking robots
human legs walking
solar motor for beam robot
Standard Technologies of the Seattle Robotics Society
solr engine circuit layout
biomechanics Home
poly-pedal lab
Jeff's All Things Robot Links
solarbotics.com - Your BEAM Robotics Resource
Basic BEAM robotics-Index
Beam Web Index - Main Page

James Bond star trek stuff for sale
Magnet Links
Magnetic Design
Magnetic Levitation
OSI Nightfinder Travel Alarm (AS-316E)
PhotoPoint (Guest Mode) - Free, easy photo sharing and photo gallery
Stirling Engine Links
The Rolling Ball Website
dry pile perpetual motion


Amateur Science Links
Astronomy Resources
Big Bear Solar Observatory
Bizar Stuff to make
Dr Sky
Electronics Hobyist
Free Energy
How to build a Stable Plasmoid at one atmosphere.
Kids Do it yourself science
Mount Rainier
Other Cool NASA Web Sites
Periodic Table
Science Links
Quantum Cavorite Podkletnov
space drive - Woodward - Mach's Principle
Snow Crystals
YES Mag's Projects
Spectra of Gas Discharges
Science News Online
Intellicast Weather Map
The official U.S. time - clock
Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission
emission and absorbsion spectra for the elements


Electronic Dimensions - surplus tacoma
GPS Marketplace
Mcmaster supply
OEL Sales Telephony & Telephone Tools
The Epicenter - Survival Equipment
C. Crane Company� - Communication Excitement
Edmund Scientific - Scientifics Division - Educational Gifts
Mondo-tronics' Robot Store --- Robots Kits, Muscle Wires, Electronics, Parts, Books and More!!! ---
Star Trek Merchandise and Collectibles at 800-trekker
glow-bug.com [Flashlights]
PhotonLight.Com - Home of the incredible Photon Micro-Light key chain flashlights
Pocket-Bright LED Flashlights at the Lowest Prices
American Science & Surplus
MPJA - Electronic Mail Order Supplier
Electronix Express - Electronics for Schools and Industry
All Electronics Corp - Parts and Supplies
Mondo-tronics' Robot Store

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Aurora Activity
Calvin & Hobbes -- The Best Comic Site In The Universe!
CFHT's Image of the Week
Dilbert Zone
FoxTrot Web Site - Comics - Recent Strips
Jehovah's Witnesses Public Affairs Office Authorized Site
Net.B@nk Internet Banking
News of the Weird -- The Best Comic Site On The Web!
Shay and Jen's WebCam
The very latest SOHO images
Traffic Analysis for -- Cisco 675
The Duplex -- The Best Comic Site In The Universe!
AdCritic.com Commercials - All Ads, All The Time.
Cosmiverse - The Space Portal

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